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That Would Make a Great Year!

10% volume growth and 5% price appreciation. We will take that every year! Here is John's interview on Fox Business from last Friday:

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Taking Stock: Single-Family Rental Is Here to Stay

by David Guarino

Single-family homes now comprise 35% of all rentals and 11% of all households.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau; John Burns Real Estate Consulting estimates

What's driving demand?
From 2005 to 2012, single-family rental homes grew 1.7% per year, primarily due to:

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Sold! Rethinking the Dumbest Process in America

I attended the Super Tuesday auction in Atlanta this week. The video below shows four foreclosure auctions happening simultaneously. The "crier" comes out, states the property address, reads a three-minute disclaimer, spends one minute completing the auction and then five minutes collecting the cashier's checks. The tents you see are primarily from four major institutional investors who provide relief from the 88 degree heat for their staff. Each team probably had over $1 million in cashier's checks with them.

Here's a quick clip I was able to capture on my phone.