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The Florida Opportunity

Orlando Chart
As a native Floridian and consultant to the real estate industry for over 18 years  (eight of them on Wall Street and the rest here in Florida), I am keenly aware of the unique qualities of the state's distinct metropolitan areas. In recent months, I have traveled the state assessing potential and existing residential developments and investments.

Here's a summary of the opportunities I see on Florida's real estate landscape: 


ORLANDO: Foreign nationals, diverse income base, short-term rentals

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Housing Slowdown Is a Good Thing

Housing SlowdownGerri Willis and I discussed housing on Fox Business this week. I have known Gerri for a long time, as she was a housing industry reporter early in her career and even wrote a couple books on housing investment.

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Don't Flip Out: Beware the Risk of Artificial Appreciation

Flipping CoinFlipping is back!  

 Home price appreciation has been so rampant, particularly in California and Florida, that flippers and get-rich-quick scam artists are flourishing again. Just as in the mania of 2004-06, flippers make money when the party is raging, but inevitably, someone loses when the party is busted. We are advising our clients in areas with a high percentage of flippers to take into account the risk of artificial price appreciation.