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City Walkability in the Suburbs

by Dan Fulton

The 40th-best-selling master-planned community in the country provides some great ideas for developers looking to tap into the demand for today's busy home buyers.

The residents of One Loudoun must feel relaxed and relieved when they walk out their front door and down the street to restaurants, movies, shops, and offices, as the parade of tens of thousands of commuters creep by on the Loudoun County Parkway or Route 7. Leaving the car in the garage is a treat for commute-weary DC suburbanites.

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Sales Oases in the Desert

by Ken Perlman

Three Las Vegas Masterplans Command Premiums for Place Making

Even as the housing recession all but incinerated the Las Vegas market, three well located, designed, and marketed master-planned communities remained relatively unscorched and are still among the John Burns Real Estate Consulting's Top 20 Masterplans in the country.


A seven-mile trip from the strip, but no need to leave. The granddaddy of Vegas masterplans, the 22,500-acre Summerlin (No.12) remains one of the metro area's most desirable places to live thanks to phenomenal amenities and careful planning by The Howard Hughes Corp.

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Knowing Your Generations

by Mollie Carmichael

Let's look at who's shopping out there today for a new home! Who are they? What do they want? This infographic is part of a new series of studies by JBREC on generational differences, based on responses from 22,000 new home shoppers. This Generations infographic details each generation's life stage and behavior in regards to purchasing a home.