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Capitalizing on the New Rentership Society

Webinar: Capitalizing on the New Rentership Society

Demand for apartment and single-family rentals is surging across the country. During this presentation, Rick Palacios and Shaun McCutcheon discuss the growing demand for apartment and single-family rentals. They talk about why the rental market is booming, what areas of the country are most affected, and how this shift in demand will impact home builders and manufacturers.

Watch the presentation here.

John Burns Real Estate Consulting webinar
July 5, 2012

Many areas of Florida are showing signs of renewed housing demand. Builders are buying lots and land in order to position themselves for future growth. In our most recent Residential Land Survey, 78% of Florida builders noted that finished lot prices were increasing.

In Naples, demand is apparent across all price points and demographic profiles. We saw a fantastic Spring selling season with both strong demand and price increases in:

  • moderately priced communities,
  • active adult communities, and
  • luxury golf-course projects.

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Fear and Greed Have Short Memories

June 28, 2012

The memories of 2007 through 2011 are clouding too many people's vision. There are plenty of legacy problems from the housing boom that have yet to clear, and plenty of risk to the downside, but the demand, supply and affordability measures are in place to help us put the housing downturn behind us and move forward. We are leaving stage one of the recovery and moving into stage two. Don't miss the ride.