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More Than 30% of California Home Deals All Cash

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John was on Fox Business News today discussing the housing market rebound in California.

Inventories have plummeted in Western markets over the last year, helping to spur robust price growth. Our home price index (below) shows just how much price appreciation has occurred (the index is 5+/- months more current than Case Shiller and removes the mix-shift bias).

What is really behind the sharp drop in inventory levels? The non-judicial foreclosure process used in most Western markets has allowed lenders to efficiently clear the distress, while at the same time facilitating strong investor activity and a home price recovery. Ironically, the judicial foreclosure process, which was designed to protect homeowners, is delaying the recovery in those markets.

  • Markets with the strongest price appreciation are in non-judicial-foreclosure states.
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Mobile Marketing Changing the Game for U.S. Home Builders

Successfully promoting new communities is all about knowing your buyer.

Most builders use the weekends following the Super Bowl as an indication of market health, based on the level of activity and quality of traffic into their sales offices. As you embark on your marketing strategies for your communities, we would like to share some insights we received from a recent survey on how consumers shop for a home.

The most essential ingredient to promoting any product is understanding your buyers, what they're looking for, and where they're looking for it. For builders, this translates into not only building the communities that home buyers want, but also making sure those communities show up front and center in prospects' searches for a new home.

Almost 3,000 resale homebuyers responded to a survey we conducted in partnership with Zillow, telling us what they look for when shopping for a new home.