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Front Running the Fed

We are very bullish on housing, and already thinking through the impact that 3.5% mortgage rates can have if prices rise substantially due to the interest rate stimulus. The Fed has put 34% more purchasing power into the pockets of homeowners, and investors are taking advantage.
Predicting the Future
We think home prices are poised to rise significantly, and we aren't the only ones. Investors of all sorts are piling into the housing industry. Here is some of the evidence:

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Gen Y—You'll Have to Wait

You may think of tech-savvy Gen Y as contrarian, iPad-toting hipsters in search of super-green urban living, averse to all things suburban and unwalkable. Born between 1980 and the early 2000s, Gen Y looks poised to be the next big purchaser of homes and one that the homebuilding industry is eagerly anticipating. After all, they will quickly become the predominant generational group within the primary home buying age.  

buying by age

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Top Single Family Permits in 2012

Written by Ali Wolf

Everything's Bigger in Texas: The Lone Star State Leads the Nation for Second Straight Year in Single-Family Permits

The Lone Star State takes the prize, according to our revised ranking of metro areas that pulled the most single-family permits during 2012. Houston and Dallas remained the front-runners for the second year in a row, at numbers one and two respectively. Phoenix gained some ground, rounding off the top three. The Southeast ramped up activity, with 7 metros placing in the top 20 list.