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November 1, 2012

As the housing market heats up again around the country, builders are scrambling to offer the latest and greatest product ideas to help stay ahead of the pack. Sometimes the ideas are major changes to the way floorplans are designed. Other times they are small features that may or may not add significant value, but they definitely stick in the mind of buyers (i.e. "remember the house with the great ___?"). We recently visited a number of new home projects in northern San Diego County that offered both. Here are some examples:

John Burns's picture

Raging Bear Becomes Raging Bull

"I was a raging bear for five years, and now I am a raging bull."

See this video clip where I discuss the housing recovery driven by investors, flippers, entry-level buyers and older buyers (but not families), and discuss what a great time it is to buy a home. I also discuss:

  1. The need for Dodd-Frank mortgage rule clarification
  2. The need for home price appreciation to boost housing construction
  3. The impact of rising building costs driven by increased construction, and now Hurricane Sandy

Never a dull moment in the housing industry!

Adam McAbee's picture

Small Lots with Great Outdoor Space

October 26, 2012

Adam McAbee, Senior Manager at John Burns Real Estate Consulting, shows a great example of how to maximize functional outdoor space on an otherwise small lot.

Read more at Adam McAbee's Blog .

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