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We're an independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry. We compile and analyze an unprecedented volume of information to keep our clients informed. Utilizing our trusted analysis, our clients can:

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by Rosemary deButts

Within an MSA, there are often submarkets where careful risk/reward analysis says you should:

  • buy land and build more homes in one submarket
  • sell your land holdings in another submarket, and
  • be more aggressive with price appreciation assumptions in a third submarket.

When identifying new opportunities, multiple metrics are needed to understand the entire picture of a submarket's health. Existing home activity can shed considerable light on market dynamics. Some of our favorites are:

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When Will the Kids Leave?

Why are household formations so low? Because 1.2 million more adults live with their parents than just 8 years ago!

Nearly 4% of US households had an oldest child aged 25–34 living at home in 2012. Compare this to 2006, when approximately 3% of households fit this category.

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Market Trends: Don't Overlook Baltimore

by Dan Fulton

After five years of its home value appreciation rates lagging those in the Washington MSA, Baltimore area appreciation rates are expected to nearly match Washington's in 2014.